Engelnook Farm - Where caring counts and good thing grow!
    Gourmet Salts: 
         Himalayan pink salt, 4-blend peppercorn & garlic
         Himalayan pink salt, 4-blend peppercorn &     rosemary        
              Amazing Spice Blend with 16 awesome ingredients

Gourmet Salt
Gourmet Salt
We are proud to offer from local farms:

Great Hill Blue Cheese
Voted #1 blue cheese in the country made right here in Marion, MA

Crystal Brook Farm
A pristine, award-winning New England Farmstead located in Sterling, Massachusetts offering a huge variety of fresh artisan goat cheeses.
Highlighted on "Chronicle" in 2015

Westfield Farm
Westfield Farm has been handcrafting award-winning farmstead cheeses in and has won many national awards, including
Best of Show at the American Cheese Society's 1996
annual convention.

Original Homemade Jellies
Original Homemade Jellies

Our products available year-round:
           Cage- free farm fresh eggs

          Home baked good

          Awesome Applesauce - made with apples from local     orchards and a touch of spice - no sugar added!

           Jellies - the 'Original' Sweet Heat, Hot Pepper Jelly, Marmalade,  Cabernet/cinnamon, 'Free Range'  Concord Grape Jelly, Orange Marmalade and more...


And for your garden, made fresh daily... llama poo!!!

Animal Manure Comparisons

Animal Type                       Nitrogen %         Phosphorus %   Potassium %

 Llama                                    1.7                          0.69                 0.66
Chicken                                  1.0                          0.8                    0.4
Horse                                    0.7                          0.25                  0.55
Sheep                                    0.95                        0.35                  1.0
Cow                                        0.6                          0.15                   0.45
Pig                                          0.5                          0.35                  0.4

For more information please contact us at 508-728-6315 
As always, farm fresh eggs can be picked up at the farm anytime using the honor system...

AmeriStall Barn Location:
365 High Street
Rochester, MA 02770
Hours: By Appointment
Tish (owner): 508-728-6315 

            Ameristall Barn
(first of its' kind in New England)

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